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Medicare Plans Accepted

Medicare Advantage Plans Accepted 2020

Please note: Not all clinics accept all of the following plans. Refer to the Find a Doctor tool for plans accepted by clinic.

CarePlus - 1-800-794-5907

  • CareOne PLUS
  • CareFree (Part B Giveback)
  • CareNeeds
  • CareNeeds PLUS

Humana - 1-800-457-4708

  • Humana Gold Plus
  • Humana Gold Plus (Part B Giveback)
  • Humana Gold Plus C-SNP (Tampa Bay, Broward co.)
  • Humana Full D-SNP
  • Humana Partial D-SNP
  • Humana Choice PPO
  • Humana Gold Choice PFFS

Freedom - 1-800-401-2740

  • Freedom Savings Plan
  • Freedom Medicare Plan Rx
  • Freedom Platinum Plan Rx
  • Freedom Platinum Rewards Plan Rx
  • Freedom VIP Care (C-SNP)
  • Freedom VIP Savings (C-SNP)
  • Freedom VIP Savings COPD (C-SNP)
  • Freedom VIP Rewards (C-SNP)
  • Freedom Medi-Medi Partial (D-SNP)
  • Freedom Medi-Medi Full (D-SNP)

Optimum - 1-866-245-5360

  • Optimum Gold Rewards
  • Optimum Gold Plus
  • Optimum Platinum
  • Optimum Diamond Rewards (C-SNP)
  • Optimum Emerald (D-SNP)

United Healthcare* - 1-855-356-6098

  • AARP®Medicare Advantage
  • AARP®Medicare Advantage Focus
  • AARP®Medicare Advantage Plan 2
  • AARP®Medicare Advantage Choice®
  • AARP®Medicare Advantage Choice®Plan 2
  • AARP®Medicare Advantage Choice®Essential
  • UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Advantage Walgreens (C-SNP)

*Effective 1/1/2020

WellCare - 1-888-888-9355

  • WellCare Elite
  • WellCare Dividend Prime
  • WellCare Select (D-SNP)
  • WellCare Access (D-SNP)
  • WellCare Liberty (D-SNP)
  • WellCare Champion (C-SNP)
  • WellCare Guardian (C-SNP)
  • WellCare Reserve (D-SNP)

We also accept Original Medicare, Tricare. For questions, please call 1-866-483-5194.

Please note: Due to federal government restrictions, DaVita Medical Group is not allowed to answer questions about specific plans or make plan recommendations. You may also contact Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE or or the individual plans directly.

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